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【初見動画】PS4の海外デモMelbits™ Worldを遊んでみての評価と感想

【PS4】【海外デモ】Melbits™ World



Melbits™ World is a co-op puzzle-platformer in which coordination is key. Team up and use your phone as a controller to collect and guide these characters through many challenging levels.


This new PlayLink title coming out this Xmas season is all about collaboration and LOL. In Melbits™ World, players will have to help these cute creatures in a delicious arcade-inspired puzzle game.
In this refreshing title, players have to make the most of their group skills to be able to solve the intricate levels. Each player controls a different part of the scenario and it’s a group effort to keep all Melbits safe and sound when they walk through the maze.

Melbits™ are cheerful creatures that live inside everything that is connected: phones, tablets, PC´s, consoles. Melbits' mission is to keep Internet’s good vibes so it can keep on working. Melbits™ neutralize the evil viruses that cause everything digital to malfunction. Since Internet needs more Melbits™ than ever, it’s the players' duty to grow the small community that lives inside their PS4™!

Due to its simple interactions and the openness and ease of use of the Playlink system, Melbits™ World is the ideal game to play with small children, a group of friends or even your grandma. It’s like the video-game version of a three-legged race, where everybody has to do its part.


Don’t get distracted by the cuteness of the game and react on time! It looks easier than it actually is! Get your party to download the free app on their mobile phones or tablets and you are good to enjoy Melbits World, because success among many always feels better!


Melbits™ World is the winning game of the 2017 PlayStation® Talents awards from Europe and the first commercial release of Melbot. Melbot is a young independent studio funded in 2017 by David Montero and Ivan Exposito together with a group of talented ninjas with different backgrounds. Their approach to gaming is really transdisciplinary and they are equally involved with toys as they are with video games.